Sunday, July 10, 2016

Statement from Tuesday Tease Team

The Tuesday Tease Team would like to make a statement with regards to tragedy that fell upon our city. We have all been impacted by the senseless violence. This is while we still heal from Orlando and process the injustices that were the reason for the protest.

Social justice has always been a key aspect of our production. Therefore, whether in spirit or in person, we joined the rally downtown. It was a peaceful gathering against police brutality, not the police. We know officers who were there that night, surrounded by fear like everyone else. What we were protesting was the corrupt system that perpetuates senseless acts of violence particularly towards people of color, who have been disproportionately affected.

Although we wish for peace, we also know that “tolerance” is not enough. That is why you will continue to see us voice our opinions on social justice. We remain firm in our position as curators of a safe space of people regardless of race, gender, orientation, or ability and a platform for marginalized voices. There have and will continue to be those who object to what they deem as our “political correctness” or even “intolerance”, but we must work to dismantle the status quo that gives some more privilege and power than others even in artistic spaces.

Entertainment has the power to bring joy to distract from stressful events or to release the sadness and anger that has been building up inside. We found comfort in the stage after Orlando and will do so again this time. Our upcoming Tease is a fun, sci-fi collision of the past and present. Alternative histories like steampunk beckon an idealistic vision of the past for us to escape into.

They can also provide an opportunity to learn about wrongs committed by the past leaders of this country, to understand why there is a need for “Black Lives Matter” and for greater representation of minority groups in entertainment, and to see the privileges some of us are unconsciously benefiting from. At the same time, they give us inspiring individuals who were able to initiate change, and it is with both tools that we can build a brighter future. Thus, as entertainers, we are working to heal, to educate, and to inspire. That is what we hope to provide in this Tuesday and all the ones to come. The show WILL go on.

 <3 Lillith, Vivienne, Friskey, Squirrel, and Hana

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