Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Upcoming shows: Tuesday Tease and Dallas Burlesque Festival

I promise I'll make a real post eventually.  It's been just super hectic with an event every weekend this month, and I wasn't even at All-con that long.  Thank you to everyone who came out to my panels!  Now it's back to performing.

Tonight Tony Fo-Hawk and I will be at Tuesday Tease.  Show starts at 10 PM.

Then I'm back at the Dallas Burlesque Festival after making my debut 3 years ago!  I'll be in the Friday early show which starts at 8 PM (doors at 7 PM).  Click here for tickets.

Friday, March 17, 2017

All-con 2017 panel schedule

Extra extra!  I'll be appearing at All-con this weekend.  Due to work and DBF approaching, I won't have too much downtime, but you can catch me at my panels.

By Neither Noir
- 6 PM: Nerdlesque

- 1 PM: Ignorance in Fandom: Dangerous Situations
- 6 PM: History of Burlesque

- 2 PM: Nerdlesque
- 3 PM: Ignorance in Fandom: Media Representation

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Upcoming shows and film debut

My hectic month for lab work, burlesque, and conventions has started.  As a result, I've pushed back posts again, but Bazuka Joe is starting his #NoseToTheRhinestone challenge this Monday and hopefully that I will make me rearrange my schedule better so that I'm not falling further behind.

If you get a chance, please come to Viva Dallas Burlesque tonight.  I know Dita is also in town, but I bet her show doesn't have so much fabulous nerdlesque.  Not that there's anything wrong with classic but we like to have an alternative for people who want more geekiness in their burlesque.

Then on Friday, I make my return to Denton AND my short film debut with Tim Stevens Films.  I will performing with some musicians and a belly dance before the premiere of his short film, The House Beyond the Hill.  Catch my little role.  Performances start at 9:30 PM.