Thursday, January 14, 2016

Creating Tony: Went the Distance/ Now I'm Not Gonna Stop

"Yet it is in our idleness, in our dreams, that the submerged truth sometimes comes to the top." - Virginia Woolf, A Room of One's Own

After Tony Fo-Hawk's debut, I figured there would be some time before he reappeared again.  he has a very specific aesthetic that doesn't work with many themes, and I needed time to hone my skills.  I can't just magically recall all the skateboarding and lip synch skills I had fifteen years ago.  Plus I had to focus on Muggle matters (much like what I've been doing as of late).

Photo by KWN Design
Just as with The Ring, an opportunity I could not resist came my way.  Tuesday Tease had a couple of open spots pop up for their feline-themed show.  I didn't have a cat routine, but in the middle of an experiment, I had an idea: "Eye of the Tiger".  It seemed both ridiculous and perfect.  After I realized that extreme martial arts was not something I could pull off (I can't somersault), I decided that Tony was the kind of guy who could cross-train with mixed martial arts.  The motocross company Metal Mulisha sponsored UFC fighters after all.

Although I had recalled my martial arts knowledge before, this was nothing like my "I'll Make a Man Out of You" routine, which called for fluidity and grace.  No, "Eye of the Tiger" needed to be rough and brutal.  It also called for push-ups, crunches, and chin-ups.  In high school, I messed up my shoulder to where it likes to pop any time I do a normal push-up.  During college, I learned tricep push-ups, and those I could do without feeling like I am going to dislocate my shoulder.  Crunches were easy enough, but chin-ups weren't exactly feasible due to my lack of strength and the lack of a proper bar.  I could, however, fake them on one of the rails in Sue Ellen's.

Putting together this act made me realize how people can enjoy traditional work-outs.  I still prefer dancing, but it's hard to not be pumped by "Eye of the Tiger".  Especially when you walk in like a hooded badass.  Due to the lack of time, I had to resort to buying a Batman robe, but in the end, I like that it's a throwback to "Black Glasses".  It links Tony Fo-Hawk and Hana Li.  Also, it's super warm and comfy (I'm wearing it right now actually).
Photo by KWN Design
Anyway, I think people got a kick out of the act.  I was excited to hear some guys cheer when I went down for the push-ups since I was worried that my form was bad.  The rigorousness of the act did cause me to slip up on the lip synching so I think I could still use more rehearsing.  It's a good way to trick myself into working out more though, and I've found that some days, I just need to be Tony Fo-Hawk.

When I had committed to doing drag, I was going through some stressful times that only seemed to be getting worse.  Burlesque has been a wonderful escape, but it still reminds me of some doubts I have inside about my femininity and my identity overall.  In a way, I feel that Tony Fo-Hawk is closer to my real self than Hana Li even if I am definitely not that cocky or daring.  That's not to say that Tony is going to take over because Hana is more versatile and has a place right here.  I want to keep Tony pure in the sense that he knows what he wants and does those things.  He's the person I wish I could be when life is complicated; and, as I discovered upon seeing photos of my performance and my selfies, he's the person I want to look like on a regular basis.  Now if only that hair wasn't such a pain to do…

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