Sunday, October 18, 2015

Introducing... Tony Fo-Hawk

"While technically it would not be a clone at that point, it would be for all intents and purposes, a genetic twin. The mutant DNA would still be active, and the abilities you're looking for would still manifest as in the original." - Dr. Sarah Kinney, X23 Vol. 1
I interrupt my planned posts with a question and a story.  Have you ever thought that your life would more manageable if you only had a clone? Well, I tried (bet you didn't know that I'm actually a mad scientist).  It didn't quite work.

Instead of another Hana Li, my experiment produced Tony Fo-Hawk.

I wanted to call him Lee Hua (a spin-off on my name), but he's got a mind of his own.  He doesn't do the blogging or social media.  He's into action sports but not cosplay, and now he wants to try his hand at dancing or at least performing.  He's almost always got a case of helmet hair, and he's not adverse to eyeliner.

Sometimes I can get him to shave, and that's when he starts looking like my twin, which he does not enjoy.  In exchange for helping promote him, he lends a hand here and there.  You can catch his debut at Tuesday Tease on October 27.

Now back to your regularly scheduled blog posts by Hana Li (I still gotta recap a couple more shots).  Many thanks to Tanya Forno for the photos.

Disclaimer: No actual science went into the creation of Tony Fo-Hawk.  Just some comic book and action sports inspiration, along with a strong desire to do drag.

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