Sunday, August 23, 2015

Upcoming events and prints for sale

I was going to make a new blog post, but I couldn't wait to make some exciting announcements.  First, here's my next show.  Saturday I will be in the Texas Burlesque Peepshow's magic-themed production, I Put a Spell on You.  Click here for tickets.

Then on September 5 (I guess technically the 6th since it's at midnight), I'll be presenting my Nerdlesque panel at AnimeFest.  My schedule for con is a bit up in the air, but I also hope to join the Ladies of Power for some of their panels.  Check out the schedule here.

Now for the big announcement, also related to Ladies of Power.  We've opened our on-line store!  Due to several roadblocks getting in the way of calendar printing, we decided to sell prints for charity for now.  If it goes well, we might return to the calendar idea or do posters.  Right now we have a first-run of 4x6 prints going for the discounted price of $2.  If you want either of the images of me, check out .  Mention this blog and I'll sign it for free!  All profits will go to Girls Education International.
Wonder Girl - Young Justice comics
By HendrixHunter Photography
MU by Meghan Palla

Nana Osaki - NANA
By HendrixHunter Photography
HAMU by Meghan Palla

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