Thursday, January 1, 2015

2014 photoshoots and recap

I'll get to making a proper post after my Viva performance on Friday (click for ticketsthey're almost sold out!).  Instead I'll share links to the photo recap I did on Tumblr: January-June and June-December.  I hope you check them out.

As a bonus for following this blog, here are some more photos from the shoots that I did.  I already shared some from All-con with Neither Noir and a preview of the Ladies of Power cosplay calendar by shot HendrixXHunter Photography, but here are the shoots I didn't get to cover in my blog.

In February, I met Hell or High Water Photography at Sci-Fi Expo, and she took pictures of my Sailor Mars cosplay:

Then in October, I did a burlesque shoot with Tanya Forno (who also did the make-up):

Finally, Charles Nguyen took some promo images for the new troupe I'm a part of, the Dallas School of Burlesque Cats.  Hair and make-up was by May May.


  1. The photos turned out really well!

    1. Thanks! Much of the credit goes to the photographers who knew how to get me in just the right poses.