Monday, March 3, 2014

Upcoming shows: Crimson and Clothesless and All-Con

I know I need to make my DBF posts, but I've got some other things on my plate. First is Mustache and Panty Productions Presents: Crimson and Clothesless this Friday.

Next is All-Con. I'll be presenting panels with the lovely Black Mariah, as well as some cosplay buddies: Ashley Easter, Callie Calypso, Frank Hui, and Helena Isis. I am also a last minute addition into their burlesque show.
Black Mariah and me at All-con 2013

All-con Schedule
- Ignorance and Fandom: Cons and Cosplay @ 3:00 PM
- Nerdlesque @ 7:00 PM

- History of Burlesque @ 6:00 PM
- Burlesque show @ 9:00 PM

- Ignorance and Fandom: Media Representation @ 12:00 PM
- Nerdlesque @ 1:00 PM

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