Friday, January 11, 2019

2018 in photos

Where did the time go?  I got distracted with a bunch of things so I never resumed blogging after my summer vacation (it didn't help that I've been stumped with a post that's been in the works for almost a year now).  I'm not going to resolve to post more exactly.  Instead I'm working on changing my lifestyle so that I can be productive in all realms of my life without getting stressed out.  It's been challenging since I literally kicked off 2019 with a show (we had a Tuesday Tease on January 1) and have continued to do shows.  However, this is going to be a slow but sure journey.

Anyway, here is my recap of 2018 on Tumblr: part 1 and part 2.  You can also check out my Instagram Best Nine.

Although my selfie resolution stalled for a few months, I got more than in the past.  Overall, in the past year, I did more shoots and shows.  I was even published in Retro Lovely Magazine!  Click here if you want the issue.
Photo by Dynamite Dames Photography
HAMU by Charlie Girl
Tony Fo-Hawk also got a big surprise near the end of the year (beginning of this year?) for being nominated for Best Drag King by the Denton Arts and Music Awards.  Winner is chosen by voting so click here to show your support!

2018 contained a lot of revelations.  Not all were pleasant, but I'd like to think they've all benefited me in some way.  The biggest was learning that if I feel stagnating and start thinking about "going on hiatus", what I really need is a change of scenery; and I am 100% capable of traveling out of the state on my own to a show where I don't know anyone.  D.C. was so much fun (except the part where I almost didn't make it because the stinky President's visit delayed all flights).

I'm currently in Nashville, another place that is unfamiliar..  Tomorrow I'll be a part of a sold-out Harry Potter show by Dirty Nerdy Burlesque and Cupcake Burlesque.  I'm so excited!

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